Monday, May 25, 2009

Memorial Day.  Just back from a week cleaning out my mother-in-law's home near Boston (anyone looking for a fixer-upper right on the ocean?).  Three stories, one huge dumpster filled to the top, and no internet access.  Fortunately, The Harvard radio station was having a Dylan marathon with seemingly everything he ever recorded, including a lot of boots (being Harvard they might have some access to some good lawyers just in case...).  Thanks to all for your posts and notes.  I'll be back in the Big Star galaxy of stars tomorrow.  In the meantime, dig this just-posted Big Star piece by Bud Scoppa (who if I'd decided to expand the scope of who I interviewed for the book would have been at the top of the list...)  


Larry said...

"like a tribute band to their record collections." - brilliant! (and I'm a big Raspberries fan)

Bruce Eaton said...

There's a lot of love and respect in the Big Star camp for both the Raspberries and Badfinger. But I think one main reason for the aura of Big Star is they were able to completely transcend their influences – the hallmark of a truly great band. When someone calls me up raving about a new band and describes them as "like Band X and Band Y colliding with Artist Z", my first thought is, "Well everyone has their influences but I want a band that makes me forget about who came before them, not remind me of them."