Saturday, May 9, 2009

The book is now in stock at Amazon and ready for shipment.   Back with more updates soon.  

UPDATE SUNDAY MORNING...Radio City has hit the Top 20 Rock Books on Amazon...currently sitting at #17.   Somewhat amusing are the books ahead of it on the list (along with the expected Beatles, Dylan, Clapton etc)....Motley Crue, Bret Michaels, Nikki Sixx, Slash, RHCP bios.  Not sure I would have referred to their audiences as "literate."  

On the same list is the Don Felder (Eagles) autobiography.  I love to read musical bios. – even for artists that I don't particularly care about – and I thought Felder's was one of the best in recent memory.  An interesting story about a poor kid from Florida who hung out with the Allman brothers, gave Tom Petty guitar lessons, went to the Berklee School of Music, played in a jazz fusion group that recorded for CTI, went to CA and toured with David Blue and Graham Nash, and ended up in the Eagles when he was called in as a session man for a single track on On The Border.  Got asked the next day to join a band that was already falling apart.  From there, it's a cautionary tale of power and money in the music business.  Love the part where Glen Frey fires the tour manager when they're in Europe because the Marlboros he had FedExed overnight were in soft-sided packs.  Glen no and bye-bye.  

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Larry said...

Bought it. Read it. Loved it.

I was pleasantly surprised that someone (finally) agrees with me about the lyrics. The bits and pieces that one hears/remembers outline a mood rather than tell a story in which every detail is important. EXACTLY! I've been listening to the album for 35 years and still couldn't tell you the full lyrics to any of the songs. OK, maybe September Gurls - but some of the lines still don't make any sense without knowing the particular circumstances. It doesn't really matter though, because the essence of what the singer's feeling comes through loud and clear.

Congrats on creating such a wonderful book!


P.S. Requests for the blog:

1) bigger versions of the book's teensy Rock Writers' Convention photos,

(2) mp3's of the Blue Reimondos (Winged Eel Fingerling meets The Meters meets Skip Spence? C'mon - You can't hold this back!)