Monday, April 5, 2010

My friend Sam Berger hipped me to this video: 40 minutes of Alex in the studio with Jim Dickinson and Sid Selvidge working on some tracks for Like Flies On Sherbert. I was quite fascinated by the segment where Alex is doing guitar overdubs for My Rival. I think when hearing the track that most people would imagine a recording studio packed with inebriated crazies just wailing out. But there's Alex, calmly listening to the basic tracks through the headphones and laying down those wild (and quite random-sounding) guitar parts. There's the co-existing analytical and spontaneous sides of Alex that Laura Chilton wrote about in action. I've just begun looking at all of Alex's work through that lens and am convinced that the tension and give and take between the two sides – which couldn't be duplicated consciously – is one of the key elements to what made Alex's music so indefinably captivating.