Monday, April 26, 2010

Back from a trip to Chicago. One of the highlights was theWilliam Eggleston retrospective at the Art Institute. Just a fantastic experience to see so much of his work (including the covers photos for Radio City and Flies On Sherbert) in one place. The exhibit runs through the end of May and if you live anywhere near Chicago, you owe it to yourself to make the effort to get there.

Above is a link to a piece I did on request for the My Vinyl Review blog. I was at a little loss as to what to write – after the deluge of writing about Alex after his passing I sort of felt that there wasn't much left to say. Then I remembered this little mental puzzle I'd been working on when I started the book: what would have happened if Bob Dylan's career followed the same trajectory as Alex's rather than have early and ever-increasing commercial and critical success? What if Bob's teen rock band had some hits and his subsequent brilliant solo efforts languished in obscurity? What if by the time people discovered Dylan's brilliant work like Highway 61 and Blonde On Blonde he was more interested in playing off the cuff covers of the songs like those he played on his Theme Time Radio Hour? Well, you can't make all the pieces of the puzzle fit but it was fun to think about. Read the piece and let your mind wander...

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