Thursday, September 3, 2009

What do you want to bet that this tape spend some time lodged in the dash of a Camaro? I love how 8-tracks destroyed the sequencing of an album (the second side of this 57th Street > Rosalita > New York City Serenade is still Springsteen's peak in my book) and broke songs in two. Kind of like Robert F. Moses ramming an expressway through an urban neighborhood.

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Mark said...

About song sequencing: So how about how iTunes has returned us to listening and buying that is song-based, rather than album based? Song sequencing anymore is a matter of selecting "shuffle" on your player or whatever algorithm was chosen by the program director for any of the huge radio networks.

Song-based, I suppose is the way it began and largely continued in broadcasting music on the radio. The exception being a brief interregnum in the 60s and 70s when those hip FM stations with real live thinking DJs exercised "free will" to play what they thought might make for good listening by their audience(s).

I do miss intelligent DJs with a POV about the music they liked and sought to share with others.