Tuesday, March 24, 2009

LATEST UPDATE.   For all those clamoring for a release date, the folks at Continuum estimate that the book will be available April 27th.  Keep in mind that publishing is a bit different from the record business.  There's usually not a hard release date.  But fear not, the book will be in your hands soon.  

PHOTOS...the book has 14 (count 'em) pages of rare or never before seen photos and images (the photo to the right is me playing with Alex at McVan's in Buffalo in June 1979).  Ardent Records was very generous and gracious in giving me access to their files.  Among the sights to be seen will a rare photo of Alex and Chris Bell working together in the studio, a full-page shot of Andy Hummel onstage at Max's Kansas City (with his Hofner bass and a satin shirt) just before he left the band and two small never-before-seen photos of the band onstage at the infamous Rock Writer's Convention in held in Memphis in May 1973 (the gig that lead to the band deciding to record Radio City).  The photos were taken by Roni Hoffman (then girlfriend of Richard Meltzer) and were taken from a contact sheet (the negatives and any larger prints are long missing).   There's also a nice photo of John Fry and Al Bell of Stax in the Ardent offices with the neon artwork for #1 Record sitting unceremoniously on the floor in the corner.  

QUESTIONS??  Send them along!  

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