Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Here's a just-unearthed photo that just came my way that would have been in the book for sure if I'd known about it.  This was shot in my friend Brett Frey's (second from left) apartment the afternoon Alex flew into Buffalo to play at McVan's in June of 1979.  I'm on the far left and Bill Poczik, the majordomo of the Buffalo indie scene, is on the far right.  This scene is described in the book – Alex was explaining to us why he preferred not to rehearse before the show.  The prospect of playing to a packed club with a drummer we had just met and our musical hero seemed pretty daunting but, just as Alex had predicted, the spontaneous high-points were much better than anything we could have planned out in a proper rehearsal.  The evening was a smashing success. 


Anonymous said...

Hi Bruce- Laura here. I'm actually in Buffalo right now at my parents. Glad to have found this- looking forward to reading the book. So eerie- the 1979 photo and then 30 years later- the fieldwork for the book in Philadelphia. I was 9 years old then and to think of both of you a few miles away- mind blowing! A treat to see these photos and read-thanks!

evr said...

You know I made a CDR of the gig for Friday Night Dave? Do you need a copy?

Looking forward to the book!

Bruce Eaton said...

Hey Eric - thanks for the shout out. I'm thinking that you probably have a recording of the show we did at Gabel's the following October (1980). Dave did record that and, as mentioned in the book, there are some Big Star fanatics out there who really dig it (especially the unhinged Hey Little Child). The sound man we hired for the McVan's gig was supposed to make a board tape but didn't hook up the deck correctly and all we got was Bill Poczik's introduction and then the second the band started the meters were pinned to right. Just white noise... But that incident reinforced a theory that Pete LaBonne and I always had: if you wanted to play a great gig, don't tape it. BTW, the book starts off with me rummaging through the used bins at Play It Again Sams in 1976 and finding Radio City. Bruce