Wednesday, March 24, 2010


Thought I'd just lighten things up a bit with this direct quote from Alex from the early 90s. while he was showing me his recently acquired vintage Gibson backstage at a club gig. Something for all of you musicians: "Gibsons are guitars...Fenders are toys."

When I was doing the interviews for the book we talked a bit about guitars. Sometimes he didn't travel with a guitar and was provided with one by the promoter. He said that he really liked any Gibson / Epiphone with P-90 pickups but that the Les Paul was too heavy for an entire show, despite how cool it sounded. But keep in mind...the ultimate epic guitar sound (rhythm) of September Gurls was a Strat and he did play them until the end.

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ML Heath said...

Hiya Bruce. First off, the RADIO CITY book is ace. I was a fanzine scribe, and corresponded with(and even contributed to) fellow Buffalo boy Bernie Kugel's BIG STAR zine, so thanks for the nod to his int. w/LX back in the day for those pages.

With all the hoohah going on in the wake of his passing, I happened upon the piece linked below, by Mark Ames, who does this expat mag in Moscow...he had a cohort for awhile named Matt Taibbi, who now does weak Hunter Thompson polico articles nowadays for ROLLING STONE.

Given your umbrage towards Lefsetz's piece, you might have similar feelings towards Ames', although at heart he does have some valid and appreciative observations lurking within it.

That said, I do have problems with scribes who only see things in black and white...mostly black.

RIP Alex, all best and keep in touch...
ML Heath, San Francisco

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