Friday, December 4, 2009

Sorry for being AWOL for a bit. Was under the weather for a while and then had the Thanksgiving rush with house guests. As a result (and for some other reasons), I skipped the Box Tops show at the local casino last Friday. The reports were that the band played a fairly long time for a casino gig (can't gamble if you're rocking out) and Alex was in fine voice. He later went with some local fans and friends (John Lombardo - co-founder of 10,000 Maniacs) to a local music tavern and played some more tunes for the faithful. That's about what I know.

If you haven't read the above linked article about Alex's career from '75-81, you've got to check it out. Great interviews and commentary from people like Jim Dickinson, Jim Duckworth and Richard Rosebrough. Reallyy well done.

Have been listening to Fleetwood Mac's Future Games and Bare Trees recently. You don't hear or read about that Mac phase much but those albums have some really great material. Love the sound and the vibe...

More soon. I promise.


Larry said...

Those two Fleetwood Mac albums are perpetually on my "I really should check those out" list. The only FM album I've ever really enjoyed is Kiln House, which careens brilliantly between gorgeous and just-plain-weird. Sound familiar?

Bruce Eaton said...

Get them both immediately! There are a few sort of subpar tracks but between the two of them you can make a great disc that you'll be wearing out.