Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Nice blurb about the box set and the book at powerpopaholic.  Thanks!  If you see a review that hasn't been noted in the blog, please send me a heads-up.  

With #1 and Radio City being reissued in remastered from yesterday by Fantasy I've read a number of comments about the "brightness" of the records, especially #1 Record.  There's a reason the albums (especially #1) sounded the way they did.  They were recorded, mixed and mastered with an eye (and ear) towards being heard in mono on car (or portable radio) speakers.  Most of my listening to Big Star for the first five years after I first heard them was in my Ford Maverick.  A cheesy cassette system cranked up to LOUD.  Sure sounded good.  Especially when compared to the recordings today where there's no dynamic range.  One thing that's been lost in the recent loudness wars is my ability to listen to new music for more than a few minutes.  


Shawn said...

I hear you man, we've been fighting the loudness wars for a while now. Good to hear that it didn't turn out super compressed and distorted. We have written a bunch of articles on the loudness war at
Check 'em out if you are interested.

fmills3 said...

Bruce, I may have mentioned this before, but your book was one of the best reads I've enjoyed of late, and possibly my fave in the entire 33 1/3 series. We have some comments about it, along with the reissues, today at our site. URL below. - Fred/Blurt mag