Thursday, April 9, 2009

Keeping up with the recent post on the track sequencing on Radio City, here's a little Big Star puzzle to ponder over the Easter weekend.  
Radio City concludes with two Alex Chilton solo tracks (I'm In Love With a Girl and Morpha Too – noted on the track sheet as "Al's piano song w/ noises").  Do you think the album could be improved even ever so slightly by moving one of the two songs to another spot on the album?  And if so, which of the two tracks would you move and to where?  

(These are the kind of things that go through your mind when you spend the better part of a year pondering a single album.)

Weigh in with your thoughts and I'll eventually share mine.  


Larry said...

Honestly, I've been listening to this album for so long that it's difficult to imagine any other sequence. Even if the original plan was haphazard - or nonexistent - after enough listenings the sequencing creates its own logic (The Beatles Second Album comes to mind as an example)

Mark said...

If I were sequencing the album and had to move one of the last two tracks to a different position, I might move Morpha Too to the position before September Gurls. That way you'd follow a somewhat chaotic track (She's a Mover) with an even rougher song...creating the impression that the album is breaking down. Then when those first chords of September Gurls hit you, it would create even more of an impact than it already does.

I'm In Love With A Girl is a perfect ending track, I I'd leave it where it is.

Having said that, I can't really fault the sequencing as it is.